Livelihood projects  on Leyte Island after the Super Typhoon

“The boats and putput bicycles are helping over 160 families with long-term, sustainable income.  This is a huge blessing for the families recently impacted by the Super Typhoon and other calamities.  Lives are being transformed”

– Pastor Jonas Lisbe, SOD Partnership Manager Leyte

Feeding Program for our High School Students ~

“We have over 300 students who walk long distances to get to and from our school.  Some leave their homes at 3:30 AM.  When they arrive, they are very hungry.  The feeding program you support at the school is the only meal for the students.  Having this available five days a week has greatly improved the health and attention span of these students.  We are so grateful”

– Principal, Marilog High School of Agriculture

Surgery Assistance ~

“We are so thankful for the work you did for our son to receive a very difficult and costly cataract surgery.  We had no funds to pay for this and have prayed many years for this opportunity”

–  Mother of son from Datu Salumay, Marilog

Rural Libraries ~

“The partnership you facilitated between a school in the USA and our very rural school, has allowed us for the first time to have a reading program in all the classrooms of the school.  Readers are our Future Leaders.”

– Santiago Elementary School, Leyte Island

“Several times a week, children come to our center to read and to check out books. They have never had this opportunity before and are so excited to be able to come here to study and to bring a book or two home.”

– YWAM Reading Center, Cabantian, Davao City

Feeding Programs ~

“We look forward to receiving supplies each week for our feeding program at the tribal children’s home in our community.

– Pastor, Balay Pasilungan, Datu Salumay, Marilog

Medical and Dental Clinics with Partners ~

“We appreciate being able to work together with SOD and Care Channels to provide much needed clinics for our new rural villages.  These not only help the people but also open doors for our ministry in these areas”

-Pastor from rural area in Aplaya Village

Donations ~

“Thank you so much for the fruits and  vegetables that you provide each week. . . . You are a blessing from God . . . and we are praying for you.”

– Davao School for the Blind, Davao City