Some of our current projects that we are in partnership with:

Palompon, Leyte – Accessed from Davao by airplane, boat, and van, this area is still in typhoon recovery. Seeds of Dignity partners with both people and organizations to provide fishing boats and putputs bicycle taxis for livelihood, and support for the rebuilding of several churches and schools. There are now 119 boats, with more on order, and 83 putputs. By September of 2022 this will provide a form of livelihood for over 230 families. A Bible distribution ministry is also present on this island. Support includes establishment of a libraries and a computer lab as well as the Compassion building project for the 300+ Compassion children in the GenRev program in partnership with Trinity Faith Baptist Church.

Marilog District, Davao City – Situated in the beautiful, mountainous region of the Marilog District, Datu Salumay provides the opportunity for many ministry partnerships including the building of relationships with the local agricultural and elementary schools as well as the Alliance Church and the Balay Pasilungan.

Balay Pasilungan – Balay Pasilugan provides a weekday home for those children who would otherwise be unable to attend school due to the arduous journey over the mountainous region. SOD’s role within the home is to provide  daily food for the meals, bedding, toothpaste, school supplies and books for the children who are staying there. Note: due to COVID issues this facility is temporarily closed.

Marilog High School of Agriculture and Datu Salumay Elementary – Ministry involves supplying seeds and training by an organic professional for the agricultural school where a Demo Farm has recently started. In addition, SOD provides books for a new rural library for the agricultural school.  A feeding program for 350 students is supported at the school. A new reading center was recently finished with support from SOD.  At the local elementary, SOD partnered with Rotary and Clean Water International Philippines to install a water station.

      Pamuhatan Elementary School Feeding Program – This program feeds            130+  children each morning in a partnership with the parents and                   teachers at the school.

Water and sanitation projects in the Marilog and Toril areas – Seeds of Dignity partners with both CWI Philippines and Rotary International to supply permanent water filters to the residents of these remote mountain areas.

Davao School for the Blind – After a four year absence, church services are held here once again. Currently there are four organizations that take one Sunday each to lead a service. SOD is overseeing this wonderful ministry opportunity. In addition, we are providing a stipend for a Christian jujitsu instructor, who is also allowed to lead a small Bible study with the students, and provide an instructor for values education. Also, SOD provides braille paper for the textbooks, assists with transportation and provides food for meals in the form of vegetables and bananas each week.  NOTE: Due to COVID issues the school is temporarily closed.

Mini-libraries in rural areas in Mindanao and Leyte – Supplying and supporting small libraries and reading centers with books being provided by donors. More than sixty mini-libraries, not including pastoral libraries, are in operation.

Small Multipurpose Centers in Davao City, Aplaya and Padada We partner with ministries in to support a small multi-purpose centers and an connected outreach ministry. SOD provides rent and some operating costs for these centers which serve as ministry hubs in their neighborhoods.

Surgery assistance – SOD partners with several organizations to obtain and provide surgical assistance to those in need. Cases range from cleft to eye to club foot surgeries. Most of this work is in partnership with the Tebow Cure Hospital.

Medical Outreach – Networking with Care Channels and other organizations to provide medical assistance including dental work to impoverished people. These clinics may also include spiritual counseling or discipleship.

Bible distribution – We have been blessed with funds to distribute Bibles, primarily as part of the typhoon rebuilding projects. So far we have distributed over 6,000 Bibles in local languages this year through established churches that we partner with.

Scholarship program – SOD has been fortunate to be able to partner with organizations and individuals in order to provide an average of 100 scholarships each year. These scholarships extend to those less fortunate Filipinos entering high school or college.