Working primarily with faith based partners to help less fortunate Filipinos break out of the long-term bondage of poverty, both physical and spiritual.

Thank you for your interest in Seeds of Dignity Ministries.

We are a 501(c)(3) Charity organization (USA) that works with less fortunate families and communities in the Philippines. This is done through partnerships with other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and with our sister organization, Seeds of Dignity Ministries – Mindanao, Inc, (Philippines) also a non-stock, approved non-profit organization in the Philippines.

We are involved in educational scholarships, feeding programs, livelihood projects, water and sanitation projects, clothing and literature distribution, medical surgeries and prosthetics,  church planting and other projects focusing on the long-term transformation of people and their communities.

For more information, please contact me at [email protected] Thanks for your interest and support.

Peter Cowles President of SOD Ministries, Inc/SOD Ministries, Mindanao, Inc.