Our Work

We work primarily with faith-based partners to help severely impoverished Filipinos break out of the log-term bondage of poverty, both physical and spiritual.

About 35% of the Filipinos live in poverty conditions; 6 percent of Filipinos live in what is termed severe poverty.   Most of these extremely poor families live in rural areas, many of them lacking access to adequate housing, clean water and often do not avail of educational opportunities beyond the elementary level. It is among this category of Filipinos that we primarily work, and mainly with children. We partner with established ministries, national pastors and missionaries and others working in these areas rather than duplicating services. We have found many dedicated workers here who lack the basic resources to provide the desired level of services. By working together, we are able to help more of the impoverished people so that healing of their broken relationships with God, self, community and creation can occur.

Seeds of Dignity helps less fortunate Filipinos improve their lives by:

Providing educational scholarships

Establishing rural lending libraries and computer centers

Providing clothing and shoes for impoverished children

Facilitating charity surgeries in partnership with the Tebow Cure Hospital

Supporting strategic community based feeding programs

Securing local in-kind donations of fruits, vegetables, and rice

Providing livelihood opportunities

Supporting and building small multi-purpose centers

Supporting orphanages and children’s homes

Assisting full-time ministry workers, providing  emotional, spiritual, and physical assistance

Rebuilding lives after calamity events

Distributing Bibles in the native languages

Supporting church planting efforts

Working with special needs populations

Providing linkages and opportunities for life changing surgeries

At present, we have more than 20 ministry partners with our major support being given to rural churches, scholarships and children having surgeries at the Tebow Cure Hospital in Davao City.

We also support strategic, community based feeding  programs in Mindanao and Leyte Islands