About Us

We believe that people living in extreme poverty need assistance. But real help doesn’t come from just giving things to them without a purpose or strategy. Well intentioned giving can even complicate poverty reduction efforts, by creating dependency on the outside resources.

Seeds of Dignity seeks to create partnerships with individuals and communities which often require some type of a counterpart.

Feeding programs for children are most often supported if the parents are involved in the cooking, serving and cleanup. Clothing is more often sold at a low price rather than giving items away, with the income generated used for transformation projects. Scholarships are granted in villages where people are involved in livelihood projects and educational partnerships.

Seeds of Dignity Ministries is an approved 501(c)(3) Charity organization, organized in Tennessee.

Here are some of our recipients and ministry partners in the Philippines:

Educational Scholarships

Children from Davao School for the Blind  

Children from families who have been impacted by calamity events

Students from tribal backgrounds

Other students living in and around Davao City from less fortunate backgrounds

Strategic Feeding and Care (Daily programs)

Balay Pasilungan Tribal Home (55 children)

Atan Owe Elementary School (189 recipients)

Pamuhatan Elementary School (130 recipients)

Davao School for the Blind (and vegetables for 52 children)

Marilog High School of Agriculture (300 recipients)

       Aplaya Elementary School (70 recipients)

Gadeco Elementary School (89 recipients)

      Libraries and Reading Centers

Datu Salumay Elementary School in Marilog

GSIS Elementary School in Davao City

Various schools in Palompon, Leyte

Marilog High School of Agriculture

SOD Ministry Center in Leyte

Rural “Library in a box” program

Five resource libraries for pastors

Fifty+ other sites in churches and schools

Livelihood Projects

Palompon, Leyte Fishing boat co-op.  100 boats (27 of these are in partnership with Global Impact)

Palompon, Leyte Putput Bicycle taxi co-op.  59 units

Santo Tomas Piggery (turned over in 2014)

Surgery Assistance and Prosthetic Partners 

Tebow/Cure Hospital in Davao City

Davao Jubilee Foundation